Episode 7: What to Do When Your Course Doesn't Sell

What to Do When Your Course Doesn't Sell

I’m back with a new solo show! I wanted to talk about a question that I get asked a lot, which is what should I do when my course does not sell? My biggest piece of advice in this situation is not to give up! But to learn from your results and use them to help you create successful launches in the future.

01:39 We start with some tough but important questions to ask yourself: How well had you really defined the audience for the course? How much do you know about them? Does your course speak to a clear pain point? Does it target a specific niche? Had you “primed” your community through lots of engagement and value in advance of your launch? Did you promote your product effectively?

07:56  Then we get into some action steps: surveying people who expressed interest but did not actually end up buying your course, and analyzing your funnel to asses where people fell off. We also talk about the importance of showing lots of love to the people who did sign up for your course—and how this can translate into epic social proof for your next launch.

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Rachel Reclam