Why I Chose Podia to Host My Online Courses

When I first started creating online courses, putting my products together was difficult. Today, there are a variety of great tools out there for creating courses, membership sites, and selling digital products.

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One of the questions I get asked most often by my students and clients is which platform should they choose to host their eCourses.

After experimenting with a few options for my own online course store, I decided to use Podia.

What do I love about Podia? The short version = Beautiful, easy to use interface + Powerful Features + Best Value

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With all that out of the way, let’s break down my reasons for choosing Podia. 

Here are some highlights:

  • No commission: Podia only charges you your monthly subscription fee (either $39 or $79). This means that you keep all your money! (minus Stripe’s 2.9% +$0.30 standard transaction fee)

  • You get paid right away: No waiting a month to get your money.

  • Truly all in one, without the hefty price tag: Podia is not just for online courses. You can also sell memberships and digital products (e.g. ebooks). Podia also provides email marketing services and gorgeous landing pages.

  • Powerful customization: Podia’s new editor tool lets you customize your sales pages in virtually any way you want.

  • Amazing Customer Service: With Podia, you can always get a quick response from a real person regardless of what level your subscription is. If you are a premium subscriber switching from another platform, Podia will also help you migrate your courses. For free. Within 24 hours.

  • Development is fast and easy. You can have a beautiful, easy to navigate course up in just a short period of time.

Want more info? Here’s the details:

It’s super reliable.

Number 1 thing: No one has time for cobbling together a bunch of clunky integrations to get your course to work. With Podia, you don’t have to worry about this--logins, payments, hosting-- everything is right there out of the box.

Not only is this a time saver, it can actually end up saving (and making) you money.

In fact, choosing an all in one course platform is one of my biggest recommendations for new course creators.

This is because when you’re using a bunch of different apps/plugins/integrations, things get complicated, which means more troubleshooting for you.

It can also often mean that your learner experience is not as smooth and streamlined as it could be. When your checkout page is confusing or buggy, it means losing sales. When it’s difficult to access your content, refund requests go up.

Therefore, making an investment in a high-quality course platform is one of the best things you can do for your eCourse business.

If you do have issues, another thing I love about Podia is that they are always super quick to answer questions and get your questions resolved (whether you’re on the free trial, standard or premium membership).

Podia offers amazing value for infopreneurs.

Both of Podia’s plans are unlimited--meaning there’s no cap on the number of products you can offer or students you can enroll.

All plans offer courses, landing pages, digital products, and email marketing. With the premium subscription, you also can offer your own affiliate program and even host a monthly membership program-- meaning that you can run a fully featured online school at a great value.

Uploading course content could not be easier.

Adding content and creating products is also easy and quick. One of the things I love about Podia is that uploading content takes almost no time at all. It’s also easy to add custom thumbnails and descriptions to your videos, and to reorder your content.

Click here to get started with podia! Got questions? Let us know in the comments below. 

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